Monday, June 16, 2008

Spinning and Dyeing Marathon.

I'm playing a bit of catch up on a few of my fanatical fiber pursuits.

This year has been...
Interesting and mostly enjoyable year so far, so much so that blogging is way down on my list of things to do. But since I'm horrible at keeping notes I've found that my lack of posts leaves me wondering what I've been memory only retains earth-shattering moments and fortunately there have been very few of those. Becoming more of a recluse due directly to the price of gas, only extremes in events get me to drive out of what could be described as the "the lost territory" of S. Putnam Co. in FL I am 25 miles from anyplace considered civilized. So the last few months I've been spinning and knitting and thoroughly enjoying every minute.

Here is the run down of some of my activities that I actually took photo's of...

You might think I've been "blue" but it has only been my hands and nails....rubber gloves can and do leak.

I can't wait to play with this 1/2 lb of tussah silk.

Or the 1lb of yummy oh-so-soft mystery roving.

Indigo dyeing
1/2lb of Borgs yarn dyed to look like faded blue jeans. One day this will be socks.
The dark blob is also Borgs that was a horrible dark red now it's a horrible dark blue/red. (sometimes over-dyeing doesn't work).
To the far right is some more home spun over dyed (painted) that was previously painted yarn that was way too insipid for my liking, now I love it.
At the very bottom is a little shiny mohair and another oddment.

This was a fun knit (commission) it's the Peruvian Doll bag (free pattern from Berroco). I shown it at the Spring Frolic at Barberville Fl.
Of course it had "not for sale" on it as did my friend Cindy who kept an eye on things and me while I took quick breaks to see what else was happening.
Lot's of music, crafts and sunshine to name a few.

Then came this current spinning frenzy......

Fawn Fleece washed and ready for carding....unknown breed. I enjoy bringing lost and sad fleece back to life.

Same fleece as above. now carded and "hackled" (is that how best one describes fiber after it has been drug through the "hackle"? Personally "nailed" would be a better word). I still have the wounds. Have no plans as yet for it.

The following is wool from a mix of Florida (unknown breed but very nice) and blended with fiber found in the Christmas sack (see last post) that I'm calling Shetland, although no expert, that is how it looked and behaved.

A total of 5 + lbs carded, Spun "loose bulky" using my Lendrum.
Took the pic's before I finished up just to show how nicely it carded. It knits up a bit too tightly at 4 sts to 1 inch on size 10 US. Since I intend to knit bags that will be slightly felted I'll be using a larger size needle. I was thrilled to see how nicely it

 was carried
away spending all day with the dye pot.

I left some of the yarn in large hanks and one natural, the rest was split into hanks varying from 10 to 20 yds so that I could dye a variety of colors. I love to knit Intarsia and mixed a palette that pleased my eye. It took all day doing one batch at a time on the stove using acid dyes, many of them ancient. I got some nice earthy tones, perfect for the native designs I love. Didn't quite get the turqu
oise as bright as I'd hoped but may over dye it at another time.

Well, that's all for now folks.

Boycott the pumps, stay home and play.

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