Saturday, October 13, 2007

Santa or a Goblin?.

Three days ago these landed at my feet.

It's still way to warm for Santa to turn up in FL so these must have come from a Goblin. Either way they screamed to come home with me.....and you know how I hate to say NO.

I really thought I'd gotten more smelly fleece. (In the past year I've been knee deep in very dirty, very smelly Florida fleece) but the odds were finally in my favor and just had to get back to blogging to share this with you.....

So in sack #1

Roving and more roving.

This bag weighed about 2# and every tiny fiber is lovely. I'm not 100% sure that this really is all wool....the white had to be fondled first and is finer than anything I've ever had my hands on and ditto for the little bags of brown. The dark gray at the top though is even finer with a very short staple length...dare I think Cashmere? The dark brown is perhaps a little courser than the white, as it the light gray.
I must compare it with my NZ Merino and grade it accordingly. But first I think I'll sleep on/in it
: )

And now for sack #2

Thankfully this included a scrap of paper saying Shetland.
This is also deliciously soft. In the center you'll see some roving all ready to go...yippee.

If all the above wasn't enough to get my imagination in high gear....then see what I got two days ago. All for $8 at a thrift store....don't even ask which one as "mum's the word"!

Baby Camel from Italy (colors are softer than shown on my monitor)

(3,393 yds) 21 ounces of pure baby camel lace weight...comes in 20 gram balls and in about half a dozen soft earthy but pretty colors that match wonderfully (made in Italy).

And I also got about the same weight of pure wool from Sweden, natural shade too but darker and a bit thicker (I'd call it sock weight) and there is 2,088's not very soft though.....but good for outerwear

ALL for $8

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Patricia said...

Hi Elayne,

I tried to message you in Ravelry but you have messaging turned off! Check your profile.

It was so wonderful to meet you! I had a great time in Barberville!