Friday, February 02, 2007

Back for a blast....

Vogue Knitting Fall '06,

Is where you can find this gorgeous and very intriguing sock "Pattern #8 Two Colored Arch-Shaped Socks" . So very intriguing that I had to join the world of sock knitters and give it a try. For two days I blamed myself for mis-aligning "everything". Then I used my head and checked online for errata....sure enough there it was, along with 8 other patterns from the same issue of Vogue that had "problems" (words like errata and problems were not the ones I was using at the time). So back to the needles and fresh balls of alpaca, I'd worn the others to shreds from frogging. Well, guessssssss what? That newly edited pattern was still off in more directions than those socks were while flying around the living room.
After all this knitting and extreme familiarity with this pattern I've now been able to write the part past turning the heel and into the arch. Heaven only knows if I'll make it to the toe.....more convinced than ever that I'm completely cursed when it comes to socks.
Question....with all this rewriting can I now claim all future rights to the pattern I've written.....just kidding but I sure resent Meg Swansen receiving all the bowing and curtseying that is bestowed on her.
Message for Meg. "If you can't take the time to test your own patterns then please send them to me or someone who'll do the job properly".
Message for Vogue. "If you can't use designers who produce quality along with their flair, then use some unknown designers with integrity". I might suggest you consider printing a disclaimer that injuries caused from stabbing oneself with the needles in frustration cannot be used against the publisher in a court of law.

If I manage to make both socks....a huge achievement for me, I will publish the photo's along with my revisions to the pattern.

Last word of my newly found wisdom. Check online for errata before purchasing the next magazine. It just might save your sanity.


Sue said...

Welcome back! Isn't it amazing that some "big name" designers don't even take the time to check their patterns? I feel your frustration.

MezzoKat said...

I have never found Meg Swansen's or Elizabeth Zimmerman's patterns easy to read. I'm working on a hat pattern from the Vogue Knitting International of Winter 1992, and find that the instructions for binding off and adding I-cord to finish lack clarity. I think there's an assumption that detailed instructions aren't necessary, because what the author writes is self-evident.